About Us

An informal group started Zen meditation under the guidance of David Loy who was a lecturer in the Faculty of Philosophy of the then University of Singapore in the late 1970s.

In 1981, Yamada Koun Roshi came to Singapore at the invitation of this small group to conduct their first sesshin, which lasted 3 days. He was to return twice more to conduct sesshins in 1982 and 1984. In 1985, the group formally registered itself as the Zen Society with the Registry of Societies, Singapore.

As Koun Roshi was getting on in age and could not travel as much as before, teachers from the same lineage, mainly from the Philippines, came to lead sesshins in Singapore. Some members went directly to Japan to continue training under Koun Roshi.

In 1996 Kubota Roshi, 3rd Abbot of Sanbo Kyodan, came to Singapore and led sesshins two or three times a year until 2012.

The Zen Society continues its Zen practice under the guidance of Vivien and Wah Keong Boey who are sanctioned teachers of the lineage.

We acknowledge our debt to all the teachers who have come to Singapore to teach its members. In particular, we thank Koun Yamada Roshi for planting the seed of Zen and Jiun Kubota Roshi for compassionately cultivating it for 17 years.